Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

Thermex-Thermatron : Microwave Drying

Thermex Thermatron has been serves your live for over 65 years. Thousands of Thermatron products continue to be used in all around the world... yesterday... today... and tomorrow. Thermex Thermatron has an ability to satisfy their customer, you will be very lucky to be one of them. Make the operation more efficient than you ever imagined is their priority. Thermex Thermatron recognized that quality and service live long after the job is over.
Now, introduce one of their products. Microwave Dryers, Heating and Drying Equipment. Compatible for various industrial heating and drying applications. Ensures your products maintain the quality your customers expect. Quality, functionally, durability, and safety are always on their mind. Microwave dryer heat throughout the material, efficiency increase of 80-85%. So...get them now !!! read more..

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